IRS Payroll Tax Audits Create Havoc on an Employer

Payroll Tax Audits are conducted on businesses that have or had employees and either failed to file and pay the payroll taxes on Form 941 Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Returns, misclassified workers as independent contractors when in fact they are employees… Lire la suite

Difference Between an IRS Lien and Levy

A Tax Lien is a document that is recorded with the county in which the taxpayer lives or lived according to the IRS Tax records of last known address. It affects a taxpayer's credit and encumbers all assets and rights to assets. Including real and personal pro… Lire la suite

Tips for Remaining in Your Own Home

For many of us our home represents our lives; our accumulated possessions and memories, the different styles and tastes that we have enjoyed over the years, the many stories that have been played out there. The thought of leaving to live somewhere else is often … Lire la suite

Add Photographs - Make Your House a Home

I am sure that we have all, on occasion, visited someone's beautiful house and marveled at how perfect it was. Fabulous decor, plush furnishings, expensive fabrics, not a thing out of place. But it could have belonged to anyone, or been a show house in a magaz… Lire la suite

The Importance of Pets

Pets come with their own agenda. Whether you be rich or poor, king or pauper, a pet is oblivious to all of that and will simply treat you as it sees fit. My experiences have been with stray animals, dogs and cats, and I know that they have added a great deal to my… Lire la suite

Parents, Children and Pets

Yet another parent has recently appeared in the media to discuss his reasons for wanting to agree a contract with his children before allowing them to have a pet. No doubt parents up and down the country are ruefully smiling as they say through gritted teeth, '… Lire la suite

When It's Time for Your Children to Move On

Every parent wants to do a good job raising their children. There is often either a strong desire not to repeat mistakes they feel their own parents made with them or a determination to replicate the idyllic childhood that they had, committed to giving their child… Lire la suite

15 Cool Ways Kids Can Enjoy the Beach

For the grown-ups, beaches are great for sun-bathing, surfing, and swimming, but for kids it is more than that. For kids it is a different world altogether. On the beaches, they have all the freedom to use their imagination and to increase the spectrum of their th… Lire la suite

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